Long Ride Down

by Valyermo

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1. Fresh Flowers
2. Roswell Rodeo
3. Alkali Flats
4. Farewell, Western Belle
5. Zzyzx
6. Ranchero Supreme
7. Death Is the Poor Man's Doctor
8. Wagon Train to the Stars
9. Red Mountain Pass
10. Rhyolite


released May 15, 2014

Richard Polk - guitars, bass, drums, pedal steel, trumpet, keys, melodica, xylophone, theremin, vocals

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Richard Polk.
All tracks written by Richard Polk.
Recorded at home in Henderson, NV.

All music, lyrics and artwork copyright Richard Polk, 2014.



all rights reserved


Valyermo Nevada

Richard Polk - guitars, bass, drums, pedal steel, trumpet, melodica, xylophone, keys, theremin, vocals

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Track Name: Fresh Flowers
Cryin in my beer again, but it still don’t mask the taste
Of the memory of the lips I kissed, and I can’t forget your face

They won’t let us stay together, and I can’t bear to be apart
So I’m digging up your fresh grave, to be closer to your heart

If you can’t love the one you’re with, then be with the one you loved
Even if you ain’t around above ground, stay close my turtledove

I’ll keep you warm beside me, cook your meals and mend your threads
and take the flowers from your grave, and put ‘em right next to our bed

she told me that she loved me, but I never did say it back
the last time before I lost her, when she was shot in the back

My girl was mixed up with the wrong crowd, and she couldn't quite break away
But I love her still and always will, in my own special way
Track Name: Alkali Flats
I'll meet you at the mountain's edge
where the trailhead meets the road
You know the place like you know my heart
They're laid out just the same
I'll take you into the canyon
by a path we used to roam
The desert air is friendly there
But I can't recall the name

Hey, can we make it til the sunrise?
or do we cut our loss, and go our separate ways
a change of heart, caught me surprise
The promises you made just wash away/The promises you break, I should walk away.

Walk with me through the silence
follow me through the desert night
Alkali flats are calling
Is it far too late to set this right?
Track Name: Farewell, Western Belle
I can’t tell you I love you, without it being a lie
I don’t know what else to sell you
So I’ll just tell you goodbye, It’s alright
yeah, it’ll be alright

Sometimes you eat the bar and, sometimes the bar eats you
I don’t want to break your heart, darling,
I just don’t know what else to do…
how ‘bout you?

Love is lost, more often than not
But I’ll never regret, that we gave it a shot
Put your hat back on my dear, and hold your head up high
You’ll find better than me, no reason to cry

There’s no more honest work here, for a dishonest man
I’m pushin’ out at dawn and, headin’ southwest as fast as I can…
as fast as I can

Ridin’ through the Mojave Desert, on the Old Spanish Trail
If I should lay down to die here, I hope you find someone to love you well
my Western Belle
Track Name: Ranchero Supreme
The desert’s a great place to hide things
Meth labs and cocaine and girls
A mystic in the mountains took my hand and read my fate
I’m not long for this world

I’ve done a lot things I ain’t proud of
My past is catchin’ up real quick
Both God and The Law, got my back against the wall
And I just crashed my car into a ditch

The Sheriff’s pullin’ up to my Plymouth
He says he’s here to shoot me down
He left his badge at home, says he came out here alone
and he don’t much really care if I’m found

I take a quick look around the wreckage
I know there ain’t no place to run
I can see it in his eyes, I’m gonna live or gonna die
by how fast I can draw this gun

The Sheriff’s got his hand by his holster
Arrestin’ me ain’t even on his mind
I reach for blue steel, but my fate’s already sealed
As a bullet pierces right through my eye

I’m passin’ through a dark, lonesome tunnel
It feels just like I’m fallin’ down a well
I hear an awful sound as my body hits the ground
And I know I’m goin’ straight to hell

I’m prayin’ to the Lord for deliverance
I know it’s time to reap what I’ve done sowed
Ain’t no angels here in sight, I’m gettin’ farther from the light
And the good Lord says the Devil’s got my soul

He says one day I might, be redeemed enough to fly
but for now I gotta stay down below
Track Name: Death Is the Poor Man's Doctor
The desert holds no grudges, and it cries no tears
But the roads are long and the nights are cold
It seems “our reach exceeds our grasp”

Nature sometimes seems to turn its back, but it never lies
Man is cruel, and twists for profit that which should be given freely

I’m no less guilty than the next,
If there’s a life beyond this, I hope judgment meets me with mercy

They say Death is the poor man’s doctor,
And I’ve seen him far too often here.
Won’t be long before he’s knockin’ on my door.
Track Name: Wagon Train to the Stars
If I could take you beyond the stars
I surely would if I had the means
We could hitch a ride to a world thought lost
Grow old together beneath the trees

Wagon trains may come and go
We can stay a while and catch a flight
The only thing you need to know
I’m lost if you’re not by my side

Cause you’re all I have
I’ve lost my faith in a world without you
You're all I have
Without you there’s no afterlife

I hope there’s more than what we see
Realms beyond what could even be dreamed
Horizons glimpsed from foreign worlds
We’ll ride the light til the end of the beam

Hey, It’ll be beautiful
But not nearly as beautiful as you
Hey, I sure hope it’s beautiful
But not unless I can share the view

Cause you’re all I have
I’ve lost my faith in a world without you
You’re all I have
I hope I never leave your side
Track Name: Rhyolite
Rhyolite, is as dead to me as your daughter
They say the spirits carry in the wind

But that ain’t true, I read the cards myself
Abigail, your girl is still in the dirt

I don’t know what to tell you…
I ain’t the one to grant you peace

Take your time, lass
Stay mad at God for a while
Keep in mind, you’ve still got to pay the bills

I could collect all your tears, in a tanker train car
I tell ya’ It won’t help you swim to higher ground

They’re all used up, all the bankers and the sin traders
They’re pulling up and out of town

Come with me girl, I don’t have much to offer
But all you’ll find here soon is death

I can’t expect a smile, I know you’ll never be whole again
But if we die, at least we’ll die on the run

And you won’t have to fake it, you know I understand
You won’t have to be my woman, I don’t have to be your man

Pack what you can carry, and tell your little girl goodbye
Forget you ever heard, about a town called Rhyolite