Death Is the Poor Man's Doctor

from by Valyermo



The desert holds no grudges, and it cries no tears
But the roads are long and the nights are cold
It seems “our reach exceeds our grasp”

Nature sometimes seems to turn its back, but it never lies
Man is cruel, and twists for profit that which should be given freely

I’m no less guilty than the next,
If there’s a life beyond this, I hope judgment meets me with mercy

They say Death is the poor man’s doctor,
And I’ve seen him far too often here.
Won’t be long before he’s knockin’ on my door.


from Long Ride Down, released May 15, 2014
Words & music by Richard Polk.
Richard Polk - keys, guitars, bass, vocals



all rights reserved


Valyermo Nevada

Richard Polk - guitars, bass, drums, pedal steel, trumpet, melodica, xylophone, keys, theremin, vocals

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