Ranchero Supreme

from by Valyermo



The desert’s a great place to hide things
Meth labs and cocaine and girls
A mystic in the mountains took my hand and read my fate
I’m not long for this world

I’ve done a lot things I ain’t proud of
My past is catchin’ up real quick
Both God and The Law, got my back against the wall
And I just crashed my car into a ditch

The Sheriff’s pullin’ up to my Plymouth
He says he’s here to shoot me down
He left his badge at home, says he came out here alone
and he don’t much really care if I’m found

I take a quick look around the wreckage
I know there ain’t no place to run
I can see it in his eyes, I’m gonna live or gonna die
by how fast I can draw this gun

The Sheriff’s got his hand by his holster
Arrestin’ me ain’t even on his mind
I reach for blue steel, but my fate’s already sealed
As a bullet pierces right through my eye

I’m passin’ through a dark, lonesome tunnel
It feels just like I’m fallin’ down a well
I hear an awful sound as my body hits the ground
And I know I’m goin’ straight to hell

I’m prayin’ to the Lord for deliverance
I know it’s time to reap what I’ve done sowed
Ain’t no angels here in sight, I’m gettin’ farther from the light
And the good Lord says the Devil’s got my soul

He says one day I might, be redeemed enough to fly
but for now I gotta stay down below


from Long Ride Down, released May 15, 2014
Words & music by Richard Polk.
Richard Polk - guitars, bass, drums, vocals



all rights reserved


Valyermo Nevada

Richard Polk - guitars, bass, drums, pedal steel, trumpet, melodica, xylophone, keys, theremin, vocals

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